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My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep


My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep







Good lord, this is the most stark portrayal I’ve seen of this.

Holy crap, over nine years?

[Tweet from Mark Mellman: “Why the poor can have ‘things’ but can’t escape poverty” with a chart showing the decline in cost over time of goods (especially steep for electronics) and the simultaneous increase in cost over time of needs like housing, healthcare, and education.]

Keep telling people not to spend their money on shoes, though. That’ll really help.

This is why it’s entirely reasonable that someone who can’t afford to purchase health insurance or pay college tuition has decent clothing, a “nice” TV (all TVs are “nice” now) or a smartphone. And also why people should stop making presumptions about how other people spend money.

It costs 97 cents right now to get an iPhone 5c at Walmart. Just saying.

is over for this week. 

Being a productive adult means I gotta be up for work in the morning D:

Any reading requests sent in after I post this will be filled next Tuesday. 

oracleanne said: Hey, friend! Are you still doing single-card readings? I would love one.

Yupyup! Though you might be my last one for the night. 

Ace of Wands

  • New beginnings
  • know the right way forward
  • face up to the facts
  • sexual initiative is required *eye brow wiggle*
  • be passionate about life

The Wands are about energy and action, don’t just think something do it. (Don’t dream it, be it kinda thing). Push for what you want. If it’s a relationship, get on with it already, stop lollygagging. Be warned about being too pushy when it comes to creative endevors. Take on the world, but be aware of your limitations. 

instamatical said: Can I get another reading?!

*siiiigh* I guess :P

Okay, my cards have apparently given up on counting properly tonight, so we’ve got two cards. And they match the cards from your last reading, one Wands and one Swords.

Two of Wands

  • Achievement
  • Courage
  • personal power
  • showing you mean business
  • widening your perspective

YOU HAVE THE POWER, but don’t let it go to your head, Because no one likes a douche. The power to get shit done is yours, but remember that you might need to share that power to get the outcome you desire. 

Knight of Swords

  • frank
  • self assured
  • tactless and brusque
  • analyzes the situation 

Pretty sure this is who you gotta work with to get shit done. You don’t particularly like this person’s attitude (see above: no one likes a douche), but they are to the point and can be helpful in getting things done. Make yourself known to them and speak up about how you can work together. 


kunoichio said: I had no idea you did Tarot readings! May I have one please?

Yeah! I just started doing ones on here last week. I’ve been reading for myself for nearly 2 years now. But I wanted to practice reading for other people and interpreting cards without a specific situation in mind. 

King of Wands

  • bold
  • powerful
  • theatrical and charismatic
  • role model
  • leader

This is a very high energy card, the King of Wands is telling you to go out there and be boldly you. Do your thing, be the center of attention. If there is someone holding some sort of power over you (friend/lover/family member/employer) tell em to shove off. 

child-de-la-luna replied to your post “child-de-la-luna replied to your post “child-de-la-luna replied to…”

Yeah. I mean I just didn’t expect them to be that accurate. Wow.

super trippy huh?

cbandpoforever said: May I please have a reading? :)

Sure :D

The Emporer

  • power
  • authority
  • leadership
  • father figure

If you’ve got romance on the mind, this card signifies that someone powerful is going to enter your life, someone who is strong, determined, dominating. Beware of creepy peeps on power trips.  If it’s school/work related, self discipline, determination, and sticking to the rules is the way to go.


child-de-la-luna replied to your post “child-de-la-luna replied to your post “Tarot Tuesday”Me please deary!…”

Jesus fucking christ these things are like legit. Holy balls

Dude, these cards are amazing, so far they’ve been pretty accurate and have led me to fairly accurate interpretations of them. My friend tixboxx texted me and asked if I staged her last reading because it was so appropriate. 

What I love about tarot is that the cards make you examine your life and just take a quick step back to see if there’s something you’re missing. 

I have another deck that I use for personal reflection and they’ve not steered me wrong yet.